My Approach

I am a professional in the financial product industry. Some clients want to take more of a hands-on role in the process; others want nothing to do with it. Either way, my goal is to make sure you are secure in the knowledge and decision you make today that will affect the outcome of your money tomorrow.   If after talking together, you decide the work I do will work for you – the next steps are simple.    

  1. We will start by taking a 360 degree view of your financial world based on what you have today and what you want to have in the future.  This includes an outline of your present position based on your income, expenses, current benefits, protection, savings, and growth products you are using.
  2. Next we will outline the pros and cons of each of those areas to be sure the financial products you are using currently to warehouse your money and/or protect your money, are working in a coordinated and integrated fashion.
  3. That process will lead to a discovery process of whether you have hidden costs and possible losses to each of those areas.
  4. We will then measure the dollar cost of each financial transaction you are making.  If your current cost of money is 8 cents on the dollar, and I help you get down to 4 cents on the dollar – you now have the ability to save that 4 cents without changing your lifestyle.  The approach and overall strategy is to find money you are unknowingly and unintentionally transferring away and then bring those dollars back to the table to improve your overall access to cash without additional risk. 
  5. Together we will create a measurable plan of action to achieve what you want to have happen in the future.