How Does Living Longer Affect Your Retirement Savings

The numbers are in, and people are living longer! The CDC calculates that overall life expectancy in the U.S. is presently 78.7 years, with women outliving men by an average of 5 years, or 81 years vs. 76 for men. (Longevity is one area where there is no gender equality.)

Have Civil Forfeiture made Banks Unsafe?

As comedian-with-a-cause John Oliver's expose on asset forfeiture points out, the money shaken from the pockets of innocent Americans translates into spending sprees for law enforcement agencies. Confessed one sheepishly honest officer, as captured on a police review board video, "We usually base it on something that would be nice to have that we can't get in the budget... It's kind of like pennies from heaven, that get you a toy that you need."

Prosperity Economics Offers A Way Out of The Mess

Prosperity Economics questions the financial assumptions we’ve come to accept as true and provides an alternative to “typical” financial planning. It employs common-sense principles and strategies that preceded the rise of 401ks and the financial planning industry.

How much money do you really need?

Carol and John sat at their dining room table one morning, tax returns spread before them, and finally had the conversation they had been intending to have. Unspoken questions about their finances had haunted both of them for months now, and it was time to find some answers. Was their current financial plan sufficient to see them through the rest of their lives? Would they have enough for themselves, and hopefully, leave something to pass on to their kids?

Posted on October 26, 2015 .

Why are Treasuries So Strong this year?

.....are governed by the laws of supply and demand. If the supply of a good rises and the level of demand remains the same, then the price for that good should fall. Imbalances in supply and demand occur frequently in the short-run and are often fueled by reasons that are not entirely.....

Posted on May 14, 2014 .

Deal Activity is on Fire

.....on how companies are turning “cash” into “capital;” they are using strategies such as “buy” vs “build;” bottom line, they need to put money to work and gain ground by reducing....

Posted on May 5, 2014 .