Financial Self Reliance: Building Bullet-Proof Wealth

From earthquakes in Nepal, tsunamis in Indonesia hurricanes in the South, mudslides in Northwest, and drought in Africa (and now, California), it doesn’t take a weather report to convince the average person that life is full of surprises and challenges.

There will be personal storms and economic ones too. We’ve weathered severe economic storms in the recent past, and, coupled with challenges on the political and international fronts, our economy has taken a beating. The housing market tumbled, the stock market dove, and for awhile, it seemed the only things on the rise were inflation, unemployment, and financial stress.

Now in 2015, it may feel a bit like the calm before (or between?) the financial storms. And so it probably is. The same hedge fund managers and economists who predicted the 2008-2009 stock market crash are sounding warnings again of an impending crash.

Economic self-reliance: the ability of a person, place or nation to endure successfully without additional financial support from government or other agencies.

So, just how do you prepare for a variety of possible economic tempests, squalls, blizzards and gales?  Here’s how, in four steps…

Self-Reliance Solution #1:  Take Control of your Personal Income

Self-Reliance Solution #2:  Develop Multiple Streams of Income

Self-Reliance Solution #3:  Save Money Like a Millionaire… or a Duck!

Self-Reliance Solution #4:  Grow Your Money Safely

Are you financially self-reliant?