How much money do you really need?

In this special report, we explore the many ways that permanent life insurance can be used to give you a "permission slip" to spend down your other assets intentionally... and still have more left over! We invite you to explore these strategies with an open mind, and consider how they can benefit you and your family.

Carol and John sat at their dining room table one morning, tax returns spread before them, and finally had the conversation they had been intending to have. Unspoken questions about their finances had haunted both of them for months now, and it was time to find some answers. Was their current financial plan sufficient to see them through the rest of their lives? Would they have enough for themselves, and hopefully, leave something to pass on to their kids?

John had learned that purchasing two life insurance policies could actually help their current financial situation by doing three things. The new strategy would: 1. Reduce the taxes they were paying to the government2. Increase their income stream without compromising the value of their estate, and eliminate the principle the brokerage houses were allowed to use and shift the assets to their own control.

Carol wanted to know exactly how two life insurance policies could accomplish all that!

John explained…they would be able to reduce the taxes they were paying to the government by by intentionally spending down the principle on their assets (stocks, bonds, savings accounts, CDs, etc.). By spending their principle, they would increase their income stream in three ways:

1.     They would increase cash flow by allowing themselves to spend principle in addition to the interest each month.

2.     By spending down their principle, their taxes would diminish each year, and many of those dollars would stay in their own pockets.

3.     A new, more efficient income stream would be created by shifting assets from securities into permanent life insurance. Income taxes would be lowered while dollars would provide savings and cash flow, as well as a death benefit.

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Posted on October 26, 2015 .