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 “Why are not more Americans, who care and love their families, not seeking out personal and professional advice from a  financial advisor who takes a 360 degree look at their current situation and helps them find ways to protect themselves from financial failure in the future?

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My first response is there is too much misleading information on the internet and people get tired of trying to decipher the lingo so they give up trying.  Next I would say that they listen to advisors who focus on “accumulation” and “rates of return” only.  

I take a personal interest in what you want to have happen in your future.  If you are serious about your cash flow, then I will be serious with you and help you to keep more of what you make.  To do so, I start with a 360 degree review of where you are today – we work together to find areas you may be unknowingly and unnecessarily losing money such as your tax return; how you utilize your current savings vehicles; how you utilize credit and debt payments, including how you pay for your mortgage; are you maximizing your employer’s offered group benefits; reviewing what social security means for you and your family; reviewing your current savings and investment vehicles and measuring the costs associated with them; being honest about whether your expenses are rising to equal or exceed your income and helping you find ways to overcome the propensity to spend vs save; and, most importantly, listening to you and what you want to have for yourself and your family in the future. 


The secret to success to my success and to yours as well lies in understanding how to (1) increase the amount of money you control; (2) decrease the amount of risk you are exposed to; and, (3)  maintain the standard of living that you can enjoy today and into the future.

You see, it is not just about “saving” money.  If it were, even those who have saved money would not be worried about losing money.  You see the real fear in American today is the “fear” of losing money.  The way to overcome fear is to attack it and find a solution to eliminate the fear.  No one but yourself can do that, I am just here to help guide you to your personal solution.

So, the next question is, How do people lose money?  Well, some common ways are:  washing it in the laundry; unknowingly dropping it and not being able to find it later; someone steeling it; putting it in a place and forgetting where you put it; and, the biggest reason people lose money, is they do not learn the rules and strategies of the financial products they own.

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Posted on February 20, 2014 .