We offer you unbiased advice to help you select the right path that fits your future financial goals.

Are you getting independent advice?Independent advice means comprehensive solutions delivered without commercial compromise. We are independent. We’re not compensated by third-party administrators, plan providers or plan platforms, so we can provide a completely unbiased examination of your 401(k) plan and implement solutions that will optimize its value.


Among the questions you should be asking:

  • How much of my, or my employees’ retirement plan assets are being robbed by Sub-TA, 12b-1 and other fees?
  • Are my participants’ investment choices being limited, or are they paying higher fees because the plan administrator is receiving compensation from mutual fund companies?
  • What is my level of exposure to potential lawsuits from employees?

Creatively camouflaged fees and hidden charges from providers of 401(k) plans could be significantly undermining the value of your employees’ assets, and yours. As the Plan Sponsor, you have a responsibility to account for all plan dollars, and to investigate and understand all expenses that are being assessed against your employees’ assets. If ever there was a “what you don’t know could hurt you” scenario, this is it

So let me ask one more question:

Are you getting completely unbiased (independent) advice from your plan provider? If not, give us a call TODAY.